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Hey gang - Johnny T here with some news from Fango concerning a new indie flick called Stingy Jack.

Here's a synopsis about the plot:

The movie, about a small town called Emerson and its prohibition on Halloween, begins in 1957 when Esther Fowler witnesses her young son, Stevie, mowed down while trick-or-treating.

Plagued by this tragedy, plus odd sightings and strange occurrences, the townsfolk pressure their mayor into exacting a ban on All Hallow’s Eve and its festivities. For 40 years, the rule remains in effect and the town of Emerson stays at peace. That is, until David, his wife Kaitlyn and their 9-year-old son Jack take up residence and refuse to let the holiday go. But between the off-kilter inhabitants, a looming presence taking over David and the ever-increasing number of “shadow people,” it becomes clear to the family that a curse hovers over the town.

And - today's news is that genre vet Kane Hodder has been signed.

Here's the flick's link and the Fango ones for the full story:

Stingy Jack - Official Website

STINGY JACK is generous with the scares

Kane Hodder gets STINGY
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