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Still not completely out my newest 2015 prop (static)

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Due to family health issues with my dad and wife this year, Halloween will be drastically changed this year. Family willing to help but, got somewhat bummed out, they thought I was not going to do anything this year. I said no just wont be big as other years, hey guys don't count me out. With that and likely to the stress of the last couple of months I sorta got the spark of inspiration. I will try to whip out a couple of items at least. As long as my dad and wife are good, then yeah, why not do some stuff. You can't keep a haunter down. Well did this today out of a old foam mannequin head from my original zombie girl, but she got busted up last year, left her on my desk all year thinking if I should just throw it out. Here is the original design some years back.

Product Dairy Still life

Face Head Nose Photo caption Chin

Today I broke out the paints, markers, cutting knife, tin pie shell, scissors and super glue. So this is the new look, just need to get her some hair and better secure her so she lasts longer. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Face Sculpture Head Stone carving Forehead

Face Head Mask Masque Headgear

Face Head Forehead Human Mouth

Face Head Forehead Art Mouth
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