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Steve Wang's Biomophs (pre-production samples for sale)

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Pre-Production Sample is the term that is given to the first few pieces created prior to the final production run. This step is primarily where the colors, graphics, and final assembly techniques are checked for quality. These pieces tend to be made of thicker, sturdier latex and have a slightly different paint scheme then the final production run. Mask comes with original factory sample tag and signed by Steve Wang. It is also to be noted that there is only one factory sample sent of each mask.

This is the list of masks I have from steve... make an offer or message me for accepted min...

The Phantom
The Horseman
The Rock

None are defects and are in great shape...

thank you for your interest...

I added pictures of The Horseman, Breathless, Bloodbag, Midnight, Triton, & Resurrection (in order of pictures)... I will add the others later... These are the exact items for sale... can be bought separately or as set... Click on the attachment to view... =)