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Steampunk Steam Pistol

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I've always wanted to try my hand at a steampunk gun. Since I have a huge box full or random parts I decided to give it a go. Always remember to point the steam stack away from your person when in use.

Gun Firearm Revolver Trigger Air gun

Revolver Auto part Metal Fictional character Gun

Brass Tap Copper Metal Plumbing fixture

Auto part Metal

All told it probably cost 2 dollars in material if that.
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OK, I'm part of the OG " Old Guy" haunting generation so please for the love of god explain this to me. What the hell is " Steam Punk"? i hear it everywhere and have no idea what it's supposed to be. From what i can tell it's like some industrial futuristic thing. Not trying to be rude, i just don't understand what steam punk is. Cool looking gun though.
You know I don't really know myself. The term seems to be used for a number of things, but as close as I can guess it is alternate technology where steam is used to power everything. Though it seems to be a kind of catch all term for anything made of brass that has a retro look.
Huh... Steam powered technology. I still am puzzled, but that explains a little of it. Thanks. BTW, your gun is cool even if i don't know what steam punk is.
Steam punk was a term begun when William Gibson came up with the idea that if Victorians had got computers and more technology like we have now but it was powered by steam not electricity - what would the world be like? Think airships, the Babbage computing engine, hydro-electric power as well - add a dash of Victoriana - pith helmets - brass, copper and iron - then you have an inkling of the steam punk genre. There are some good websites which explain it better than I can.
Still better than my explanation. Thank you.
:) Very cool!:D
Cool gun, divine dragon! I love steampunk:D
TNF-think of the 60's show Wild, Wild West and the character Artemus Gordon.
Cool gun, divine dragon! I love steampunk:D
TNF-think of the 60's show Wild, Wild West and the character Artemus Gordon.
OH...I get it now!!!! It's like modern technology configured in a 19th century fashion. Thanks for the info guy's.
Love this idea. I'm not quite so clever with actual technical/mechanical stuff but as part of my Steam punk theme this year, I wanted some cool weapons. So far I've bought two toy guns, a large bright green water gun and a small purple 'ray' gun with light and sound. I primed them with a dark grey car paint and have just 'bronzed' them.
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