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Static Witch Prop

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Just put the final touches on a static witch prop I've been working on for the display at my office. I got a witch head from a rising hag prop from a fellow HalloweenForum member, made the hands, painted everything to match, and viola! This is the first standing figure prop I've ever made and am very pleased with the way it turned out.

Below are some pics of it's progress.

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She looks fantastic! Nice work.
Wow - great sculpting and paint work. She looks horrible - which is a good thing!
Fabulous! Very impressive.
Those hands are amazing
Wow very impressive. The color on the hands matches perfect with the face.

@ doto - Thank you. I'm very pleased with how the hands came out too. Found a tutorial on how to make corpsed hands, just used more cotton and latex to bulk it up.

@Matrixmom - As for the head, I actually repainted it so the hands would match.

Head Mask Headgear Costume Fictional character
Head Human Headgear Costume
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looks great, im not usually a fan of witches but this one looks very good
Excellant Work......Really love the hand build. Happy Haunting!
WQW! Looks great. You did a fine job. In the dark with the right lighting this will look Very Creepy! The hands look fantastic!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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