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Startle Props ideas?

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What are some of your favorite DIY Startle props? We use chainsaws and a sawzall w/o blades when scaring guests leaving our HH. We also heard of a palm sander in an aluminum garbage can does wonders. Electronic fireworks works well. Whats yours...
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I keep it simple. Years ago, I used to go to a tshirt shop at Daytona Beach, and they had these old fashioned Victorian bath tubs on the floor for all their old, clearance, shirts. People would go over to those and dig through them looking for bargains. But above the tubs were these rubber spiders that were hanging from the ceiling and attached to fishing line that ran back to where the airbrush artists sat. They would wait until someone was totally focused on the shirts in the tub, then unhook one of the spiders and slowly lowered it until it landed on them or was hanging just outside their line of sight. The folks would freak out when one of those spiders landed on them or they saw it dangling next to them. :)

We do the same thing with spiders hanging over the candy bowl.
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