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Starting to freak out already!

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That darn "35 Days" sign up there isn't helping any!

Friday is my Spawn's birthday. I always start to set up the cemetery the day after. However, she is turning 21. This means Thursday night at midnight, the hubby & I will be taking her out for her first "legal" adult beverage. Friday after work, we're meeting the rest of the fam to take her out to dinner. Then she's wanting to have a bunch of friends over for a bonfire. Sunday is our annual family apple orchard trip.
So in between family obligations....

I have a class tonight I stupidly signed up for at the gym. Yes - let's work that core!
I have a VFW meeting tonight. I'm a post officer, so I have to go.
I'm dying for a nap.
Work. Darn work is always in the way!
I need to go to Lowe's to return a box of hinges & get different ones to finish putting the shack together.
I took all of the light fixtures out of the blowmolds to wash them - now I need to check the bulbs & put the fixtures back in.
The headstones are still covered in disgusting spider egg sacks / webs & other random shed stuff.
The skeletons & all totes are still buried in the back of the garage.
My house looks like a struggle happened.
The lawn needs serious attention before this bonfire.

On the plus side...
Most of the attending friends are underage, so there will be no booze.
The only decorations she's mentioned are balloons.
They should be happy with a couple $5 pizzas and some chips.
The headstones / skeleton animals / coffin / fence are all out - they just need a quick scrubbing.
And guess what? They're going to be all over the patio for this bonfire.
The blowmolds are all convenient, since we have the shed doors torn off the shed (don't get me started on replacing those!)
My goal for Saturday is to only get the sign / fence / headstones / blowmolds out.

Sorry about the verbal diarrhea, but I needed to vent!

How's everyone else doing?
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Hey Lisa, hang in there. I,m tired and freaked out just reading what you are up to!

I took on a bit more than I should have. I agreed to teach an adult ed class for the next three Saturdays. This is the busiest time at work so putting in 12 hour days. And on the side I’m an artist and agreed to do four custom orders. I am planning a major Halloween bash scheduled to take place in about two and a half weeks and I haven’t even started to decorate outside yet.

Happy birthday to your spawn! Remember to just take a deep breath and have fun through it all! There will come a time when you look back and realize that these were the “good ‘ol days”.
Awwww ??Even as busy as you are going to be, this sounds so very fun! I'm so jealous that you have family apple orchard trip!! My family wants nothing to do with all that lol. Enjoy your time together and I hope your daughter has a wonderful 21st Birthday!!???
I can relate. I've barely done anything and yesterday I also saw that '.... days until Halloween' sign in a local store. I had one productive day spent mostly putting up some lights in the backyard. I was up and down the ladder countless times and worked for five hours. When I plugged in the lights to see my progress, my reaction was, "That's IT?" I'm not even close to finishing the backyard lighting and haven't started the front yard. I was going to do it the same day because the weather was so fine but I was tired and didn't want to risk ladder work.

Today it is snowing.

I can't find anything I want in the stores. I need ravens for my EAP theme but there seems to be a 'bird embargo'. Next weekend I am hosting another event - a golden retriever gathering - such fun but the timing is totally crazy. I'll have to hold off on putting up any outside props so the dogs don't get them. Easy do since I haven't built or bought any props. One of my haunters is having an operation next week so she may or may not be up to coming. If she doesn't, another haunter who hitches a ride with her can't come either. Another is helping her mom move so she doesn't know if she'll be back in time. Two others are out of town as well and may make it back on Oct 30...or not.

I won't post a list because it would include....everything.

Every year I think, "maybe I won't make it this year". That has never been more likely than this year.
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