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Starting my burned at the stake...

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I was inspired by OctART's log in the burning coals prop thread and decided to incorporate it directly into my Bone of Arc prop. I wrapped chicken wire around a 4" piece of PVC that is 7' long, after the pipe was wrapped with saran wrap. Did the Great Stuff application, then cut the wire off of the pipe. There's no way in the wide wide world of sports you're getting it off the pipe without cutting it off.

Anyway, I already had a 9' long "garland" strand of orange lights from Walmart for this. I worked it into the cut slice, and managed to bleed in a few spots from the cut wire. Tetanus shot is up to date, so there's that. It really ain't Halloween until someone's bleeding, right?

Here's two pics right after I plugged it in. I already have the FS-5 starter wired up to make it flicker.

Light Tree Darkness Night Plant

Light Flame Heat Geological phenomenon Fire

I've gone back and patched up the obvious holes and the cut hole on the back side. There are lots of little spaces still open, and I'm leaving the top open as well. This prop is getting a fog machine hooked up to it to make it smoke.

Obviously it's getting paint still and some trimmage of the foam to make it somewhat more coaled stake like. I started the coal bed for it tonight as well. I need more plastic bottles to finish it out.

This prop is also modular for disassembly. There's a 1/2" piece of rigid conduit with a 3" internal spacer that will hold the stake at the right position. I also need to attach the pseudo iron pipe to the stake from which Bone of Arc will hang. He's already corpsed and cooked. We lovingly refer to him as "Beef Jerky Man" since I did paint instead of stain on his corpsed plastic wrap.

More pics to come!

FWIW, whomever did the Hell Hole with the skeleton climbing out of it with the burning coals got me inspired to do the burned at the stake prop originally.
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gr8 idea ... the pics look awesome ... well done ...

A pair of pics of mine, finished. My wife didn't take any without a flash so you can't really see how the main stake glows at all. The top piece of the stake is a corpsed skull wrap that I didn't like on the skull. Cut it off, taped the plastic back together, and it looks pretty dang good without the flash. There are two lights inside that skull on top so it glows really well.

When my Froggy's gets here on Monday, I'm going to run the 2" pvc line into the back of the stake so it'll smoke. Decided to go with the BBQ Pit scent. The stake is open on both the bottom and top. The top has a 3 1/2" wood disk in it to keep the smoke from billowing out chimney style and to keep the stake from flopping around since it's only held in place by a single piece of 1/2" EMT. In theory the fog should come out of both the top and bottom of the prop to give it the full "smoldering" effect.

I don't like how the corpsing came out on this guy. The kids call him "beef jerky man".

Tree Woody plant Plant Trunk Branch

Tree Plant Trunk
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