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Sadly, I had to leave 100% of my Halloween stuff in FL when I moved. I am desperate to have a Halloween party this year like I normally do, but here's my situation with where I am now renting:

1. The place is up for sale, so my display can't be out long or too "over the top" - yeah, I know, I know..
2. My landlords, who also live on the property, are not fond of Halloween, but they would come to my party if invited, and prob. even wear a costume of some sort. They have to drive by my house to get to theirs.
3. I don't like to hang anything on the wall that can't be removed without any marks.
4. I only know 4 people up here so far (I'm sure I'll befriend more before the big day), but I can't have a lot of strangers coming to the place (it's really more of an estate, if you will)

So, I am thinking of a western theme, and other than straw bales, lanterns and bandannas, I can't think of any outside or inside decoration ideas. I will try to get some pics of the inside and outside of the house when I can (we got a bit of snow last night so I'll wait til it melts). And of course, I have to have a cemetary, and right now I don't have even 1 tombstone. I'm gonna try to get some of my stuff shipped up, but it's crazy how expensive it is. Sorry for the long post, you guys have always been so helpful (not to mention wildly talented), and I feel like such a lost little ghoul - I'm open to all suggestions for any ideas and decor - little or small. Thank you in advance!

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That is some kind of move! Hope you still have all your stuff either stored or you can get it eventually!

Cow skulls, some creepy saloon player piano music, a "Boot Hill" type graveyard with tumbleweeds and vultures. Try to do more atmospheric stuff - music, fog and lighting.

For the outside if your landlords are REALLY disapproving, I'd do LOTS of Jack O Lanterns and slap some dollar store cowboy hats on them and set them on hay bales and such. I mean, no one can object to JoLs on Halloween, right?

I could see doing the old twig crosses with some simple (made/bought) stones scattered around.

Check out Suzeelili's album -she did a Wild West theme last year that looks pretty great.

Also try doing a search on these forums for "western" and "wild west" to see who else might have done this theme...
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