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Hi everyone I throw a large pary every year and do a great deal of static props. I now think it time to move on to animated ones. I have read coutless threads on VSA and DMX so I have a base understanding. My first of many questions is what program should I get and where can I get it? In the end I plan on haveing many props doing many differnat things over a large area. By large area I mean 4 acres. I know tons of wires in my future. Thanks for your help.
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I drew this up for someone that was thinking of doing the same thing (large music show with sections of props). This is assuming that it is one VSA program that needs no triggering. You are just going to hit the enter key, have the whole show play out.

If you want to have things trigger the props, you need an Exorcist box as well. If you want several routines going at the same time, you then need an DMXorcist box.

Notice that I have DMX relays at each prop. That is needed if you have anything that needs to be plugged in but activated using a DMX signal.

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