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Star Trek Tribbles

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I'm going to be dressing up as Captain Kirk this year, I have the costume together, and have an old Captain Kirk mask I'll wear for a short time. I thought an added treat to the costume would be some Tribbles. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Tribbles are little furry creatures that appeared in an early episode.

My question is, how would you go about making a few of them? I was thinking maybe a few styrofoam balls with the "fur" simply glued around around it. Do any of you know what this hair/fur would be called in a craft store?

Matthew B.
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Faux fir would work, but I'd stay away from the styrofoam balls. To rigid and probably uncomfortable.

Go to a dollar store toy section and get a couple squishy rubber balls. Even the ones that look like Sea Anomie would work. It would give a certain amount of 'jiggle' to the Tribbles (btw...that was the name of my pet Hedgehog..old trekkie here).
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