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St. Pete! OPEN Auditions for a NEW REPO SHADOWCAST come out! On Sunday, July 19, 2009, open auditions will be held for a new shadowcast of "Repo! The Genetic Opera," a movie released in 2008 starring Paul Sorvino and Anthony Stewart Head (more movie info).

Since this is a shadowcast, there is no singing required, but you need to be able to mimic your chosen character's movements as accurately as possible. Come to the auditions prepared; know the words to the song you would like to act out for your audition and please know the movie. This is an audition for your performance ability.

Auditions will be held at The Beach Theatre from 11am-1pm on Sunday July 19, but please be there 15-20 minutes early. There is no compensation and performers will be required to obtain a costume for their role. If you need any more information, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Frequently asked Questions:

Q) What's a shadowcast?
A) Groups that perform "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975) movie live on in a theatre with the movie running behind them providing the sound are also called shadowcasts. This Repo! show will be the same setup. The movie will play on screen while the performers act out the movements on stage.

Q) Do I have to be able to sing?
A) Repo! is a musical, but since this is a shadowcast and not a play, you need only to mimic your chosen character's movements and lip sync the words.

Q) What are you looking for in the audition? Do I mimic or "act?"
A) Both, in a way. We need you to mimic what is on the screen, but not look like a robot. The acting part comes in here. We need to believe that you believe what is being sung and you have to have facial expressions and movements as big as in the movie. The more energetic and accurate you are, the better.

Q) Can I audition for more than one character?
A) Yes.

Q) Do I have to have a costume ready for the audition?
A) No. We don't want anyone to spend money on a costume before they know if they have the part or not. After you've been cast, then you can start getting your costume together.

Q) When will the first performance be?
A) Right now, we're planning on late October, but that could change.

Q) What if I don't get my part? Are there understudies?
A) Each role will have at least one understudy, so you still have a chance of getting the understudy position. Also, some parts might need more than one "lead" performer, such as Shilo.

Q) Are there any crew positions available?
A) Possibly. A head props master has already been chosen, but techies may be needed, as well as security (no license needed). Crew positions are not paid, either.

Q) When/where will rehearsals be?
A) You're expected to rehearse your role on your own time, using care not to "mirror" your character (i.e. when the character uses their right arm, you must use your right arm rather than the left). Rehearsal times are being worked out. Possibly sunday nights.

Where is The Beach Theatre?

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