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ssc-32u help

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Sorry, i posted this in the wrong thread before:

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out which is the best power supply to use for an ssc-32U controller that will power 5-7 different 5 volt servos? I also would like to power a 12VDC gear motor from an ssc-32u also if this is possible. From what I have read I think VSA is going to be what i use to program and run shows.

So specifically, can i run a 12VDC gear motor with SSC-32u....i am thinking maybe something like a wiper motor, and, if so, do I need 2 separate power supplies linked to the SSC-32U to accomodate the 9v power to the board, and the lower/higher voltage to the servo and gear motors? I have searched and can not find my answers anywhere.

This is my first time using any kind of servos/servo controllers/VSA. All previous props i used PicoBoo style boxes from frightprops, which are great for smaller props, but it seems to program and playback a show, i need to move on to something more.

I have a lot to learn!!
Thank you!
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