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Hi all, This is my first post and first year doing a SpookyTown display. It is in my unfinished basement so excuse the surrounding area. It is a small wine cellar in the back of the basement:p I have knowledge working with foam and carving mountains, hills, etc. What I am looking for are interesting ideas in terms of scenery. The area I have to work with is 5 1/2' x 3' L-shape. I am thinking of having a mountain/hill on the corner of the 3 foot section overlooking the main town (3 foot section is on the left side). I want to incorporate a main strip of buildings, a stream, and a graveyard. Let me know what you guys think! See pictures below:

Property Room Furniture Interior design Building

Furniture Room Floor Table

Furniture Floor Table Technology Room

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UPDATE: So I had some free time today and decided to get to work on the scenery. I made a riser, added some stairs, and made a rock face for the house to sit on. Just added a coat of white paint to cover up any foam, will eventually use leopard technique for final coloration and turn them into real rocks! See pictures below. (Sorry for poor quality pictures)

Room Attic Floor Furniture

General overview from above

Room Night House Darkness Winter

View from left side showing rockface


Left side again showing a higher view

Snow Winter House Night Home

Stone stairs waiting to come to life!

Room Darkness Art

View from right side showing rock face and stairs

Stay tuned for more if you are interested! :D

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Can't wait to see the progress! I've been a spooky town collector for about 10 years and have a lot of fun with it but I've never done any sort of permanent display. Looks like you're off to a good start!

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Update: Sorry for the long time between updates, have been busy and was on vacation last week. Quite a lot has been done to the display. Finished all risers, stairs, path, wall, and cemetery area. I also added the first layer of ground cover in a few areas. See pictures below!

Table Furniture Room Desk Floor

So this is where I am at right now. You can see the main cliff features have been completed and colored. Water has also been added to the stream.

Water Rock

This is the main cliff area. Stairs and rocks have been colored.

Wall Rock Stone wall Ancient history Ruins

View from bottom of cliff stairs

Rock Art Sculpture Paint

Overhead view of main cliff area


Sorry for awful lighting here. Water has been poured. Used FAMOWOOD Glaze Coat . I allowed bubbles to form in certain areas as I will be adding some type of creature coming out of the water.

Furniture Wood Floor

Overview of downtown area. Adding risers to backside to hold two houses/buildings. Finished up stairs and painted rocks. Also you can see the path I carved into foam.


Close up view of path, downtown area. Sorry for messy picture. Glue and excess groundcover was in picture before I cleaned it up

Cemetery area with grave dug out.

Wall Soil Grass Floor Asphalt

Cemetery wall carved out and also grave in shot.

These are all the updates for now. Hoping to have more done by end of weekend so stay tuned!

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UPDATE! Sorry for the long time since the last update. I finished quite a bit. All scenery is done, now just looking to add in some detail pieces as Halloween draws closer!
Games Stage
Overview of scene

Rock Geological phenomenon Soil
Cliff stairs complete leading up to cliff house

Wall Art Street art Fictional character
surrounding area needs a lot of work and detail

House Nativity scene
this area is pretty much complete. I like how this turned out ,might just add some more trees behind house to set it back in the woods more.

Night Miniature House Art
bone bridge leading to house.

Night Geological phenomenon Darkness
skelly hanging out by water strumming guitar.

Hindu temple Games
Hemlock's Nursery view from below

Fruit Still life photography
stairs leading to bone cookout, nursery, cupcake factory, and seating area

Animation Miniature
close up of the BONEBQ :p

Temple Night Historic site Hindu temple
looking down path

Flooring Cobblestone Night Floor
path again

Miniature Pumpkin Games Fictional character
path again

Pumpkin Jack-o'-lantern Vegetable Gourd Plant
final path


Still life Still life photography Miniature Animation Fictional character
seating area above graveyard

Games Pc game Technology Strategy video game Play
graveyard view from seats

Action-adventure game Pc game Games Adventure game Strategy video game
graveyard eye level

Still life photography Vegetable Fruit Pumpkin Food
road to pumpkin patch

Soil Screenshot Shadow
open grave with red LED (LED is off)

Pumpkin trick-or-treat Calabaza Winter squash Vegetable
pumpkin patch entrance with home made fence

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UPDATE! added a number of items. See pics below. Close to being finished. Filled in most empty space and added lights. Will post lighted pics later or in a few days. Event Stage Toy Nativity scene
Overview of village

Nativity scene Playset Fictional character Toy
added gargoyles on top side of stairs and spooky tree at bottom

Water Art

Tree Rock Landscape Plant Soil
Dept. 56 tree here

Nativity scene Miniature Interior design Games
added skull to middle of band and dancers. I made these into lights by inserting led's into the skulls. They give off quite a bit of light which I will take pictures of then post

awful lighting I know and my shadow is covering, but here is a grim reaper in the pond area

Event Nativity scene Games Interior design Fictional character
house area with skull lights and bat bath added

closeup of bat bath

Fictional character Miniature Games Toy Playset
more grillers and a witch with a potion area

Scale model Tree Miniature Event Games

gargoyles on sides of steps

Scale model Strategy video game Games Miniature Fictional character
bushes, boneyard fence, skelydog chasing cat up tree(dept. 56 item)

Games Strategy video game Fictional character
boneyard overview

Adventure game Geological phenomenon Nativity scene
boneyard landing with ghouls(dollar tree) hanging around

Games Fictional character Miniature Figurine
closeup of skelydog chasing cat

Cobblestone Games Strategy video game Geological phenomenon Screenshot
two views looking down main street. I like how these came out.

Event Temple Nativity scene Games

That's all for now. Stay tuned for future updates with lighted pieces. Looking forward to taking those pics and getting them up so look for updates either later tonight or sometime this week. Thanks guys.
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