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Spooky Fusebox for Asylum Haunt

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Hi! Below are a couple of videos on how I made the spooky fuseboxes for my 2014 haunt. The SmartPixels are from http://www.holidaycoro.com/. They were very helpful! Also, I use the EasyPix decoder for the Smart Pixels: http://www.holidaycoro.com/DMX-to-SPI-Smart-Pixel-Decoder-Controller-p/614.htm. The EasyPix is controlled using VSA.

Here is a video of the "fuses" that I put in the fuseboxes (I built two fuseboxes):


Here is a test of the fuses when installed in the box:


Just for some more info, here is a short video that gives a summary of the control path for the props and lights (I added a video this year that is controlled using DMXorcist):


Happy Haunting!

DumpsterCow (Moo!!!)
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Nice use of the intelligent led's! These would be good for a mad scientist scene.
Thanks, Pete! Those smart pixels are so handy... so many possibilities! I ran into a limit with the number of channels my version of VSA can support. I am thinking about some variation of a "toxic waste" theme for 2015. Lots of ideas... nothing on paper yet!

Check out www.macehaunt.com for more vids, pics... etc
I just got my first set of WS2811 pixel strings and a 8ch SD card controller that can support 4,096 pixels.
The software is pretty basic (Led edit 2013). I played around with them for Christmas lighting this year. Pretty neat.
I want to get enough pixels to make a large matrix ( as many pixels as I can afford )

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Very cool! Looks like you are planning to build big LED displays, nice! I used the smart pixels as accessories to my static and dynamic props. The fuseboxes, a "shock chair", a "neurological amplifier", and old X-Ray machine, etc. These smart-pixels, along with 10 DMX can lights, really made the lighting in the haunt look professional!

In 2015, I want to add more black lights that I can control by remote-control, but my wife keeps reminding me it is still 2014! haha!
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