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Spookify vinyl picket fence ?

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I was going to make a PVC and 1x2 fence, but we may be putting in a vinyl picket fence around the front yard as a "boundry" for the kids (they like to play out front and there are no sidewalks so its straight grass to road). So, I'm curious if anyone has spookified their existing fence and if so how? I'm also open to any suggestions.

My hopes are to make it still look like graveyard fence. One of my ideas is to make columns that will slide over parts of the fence, but I will still have the sections between to mess with that will be white (not very spooky).
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This might be an odd way to go at it, but maybe corpse it using StiltBeast's plastic wrap technique. Then you could stain/paint the pickets as you wanted. After Halloween cut off the overlay plastic and you're back to nice clean pickets. It really doesn't take but a minute or so to do one wrap around with the plastic and you could truly creative with the painting.
That's a great idea, but it might wantbe time consuming as the from yard is about 70'x40'. Still its a great option that is now at the tippy top of my list!

We are talking about putting in an arbor so that could work for that too!
Maybe some creepy, viney garlands that you can hang over the fence between the columns? Add in some carrion flowers or the like (I'm liking the Stapelia lepida pictured here), or spiders or bits of bone or whatever.
The easiest thing might be to get a large spray bottle, mix maybe 1/4 potting soil and 3/4 water in there. Spray the muddy water on the fence and let dry. *shrug*

Other than that, maybe drape or wind some creepy cloth through the pickets.
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