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Spirit's High Voltage Prop door hack

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If you were one of those people like me who bought Spirit Halloween's "High Voltage Prop" manufactured by Tekky Toys, and simply hated when the panel box door flew opening revealing the skull inside, then this little hack which keeps the door closed may be what you are looking for. All of the sounds and lights of the prop will work, just the door will stay closed. No cutting of wires, removing one screw does the trick!

1) With batteries installed and the battery door left off to access the batteries, turn the prop to ON and move the Skull knife switch on the front of the panel to activate it. When the door pops open, immediately pull out a battery to stop the door from closing. Turn the switch to OFF.

2) Using a long, thin shaft Phillips screw driver, unscrew the screw and washer that secures the spring to the plastic housing. From these 2 photos below you can see where the screw/washer were removed from.

Looking at area from bottom of panel towards top:

Looking at area from side of open door towards hinge:

3) With the screw removed the spring can now be moved off the post. The spring and door arm ended up in this position:

Looking at the door opening mechanism from the open side of the prop box:

The prop's door is held in place by light magnets so it's not going to fall open when you are using it.

Put the batteries back in and turn the prop switch to ON. Throw the Skull knife switch and enjoy the prop without having to see the skull inside.
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If you need to open the box lid once you've disabled the spring from the post, do NOT try to force the door open at any point. Instead you want to insert your batteries in the prop, turn it On, and throw the knife switch to trigger. Let the prop get through it's cycle of sounds and lights to the point where the prop would have popped the door open and then quickly pull out a battery, stopping the cycle in progress. At this point you can easily open the door and make whatever repairs to the LEDs or other parts or reinstall the spring loop and screw should you want to have the prop fully operational again. Whatever you do don't apply force to the door, just reinsert the batteries and turn the prop ON again and retrigger.

Here's a video of the prop triggered with the Door disabled. Finally no popping door, no fake skull, probably extending the life of the prop from kids constantly triggering it and trying to push the door closed.

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