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Spirit Swamp Tours - Spirit Halloween 2015 Theme Video

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Our sponsor Spirit Halloween has officially released their first theme video for 2015! Spirit Swamp Tours
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That is awesome, I can't wait till ours opens.
I like the size of a lot of their new props. They are pretty big!
Seems like Spirit has really stepped up their game this year from years past, can't wait to visit in stores!
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Wow the video looks great!
(Sorry to brag, but, I'm going into work today... at Spirit Halloween!)

PS: Here's a link for the display in the video, not-yet-finished.
Such a great video! I love the "Beware of Dog" sign!
So these are all of the props to appear in the complete Swamp display? So, the Ghost Girl, Ripping Reaper, Haunted Tree and Swamp Hag are in stores, but not on display?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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