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No, its not up YET! I thought that early August they had stores listed, so we could start stalking.
I do give credit that the last 2 years has been very good in keeping OPENINGS updated, in the past it was a little shaky.
But, I then went into the consignment (franchisee section) and the only states that locations are available with $70,000 and a building, are: Alabama Arkansas Florida - Panhandle Georgia Idaho Iowa Kansas Mississippi Montana Nebraska Oklahoma North Carolina North Dakota South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Wisconsin. So I would assume those are the under serviced areas?
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mine is going to be between Target and Michaels on Antelope Drive...in the old Office Depot building. Fortunately, they're moving from next to Savers which would be a nightmare to get to with all the road construction this year.
I think they're putting them up towards the end of August. However, drove by an empty store just down the road from me today and found a Spirit coming soon sign in the window:D
There's usually one within a couple of miles from me, and since there still isn't anything in that spot in the plaza, I imagine it'll be there this year too. Last year they had one in a plaza near where I work too, but I don't think it did too well in that spot - it actually closed early beforeHalloween, & I've never seen a Spirit store do that before.....I'm not surprised, since it was located in a "retirement" area....
I visit between 6-8 different locations (minimum) during the "open" season, they all don't carry the same stock or have it all displayed.
Also, I'm taking inventory of where I want to travel to on 11/1. A couple of seasons ago it was mentioned that a store located near a large University, had a lot of prop inventory left over, since college students, may spend on costumes, but not buying the more expensive props! I've got a feeling the "retirement" area was a poor props and poor costume location.
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