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I purchased the "Little Zombie Girl" prop. and when I received it, hmm... I get two left feet. That sucks! What's interesting is the prop was placed loose in the box. No retail package, which is not a problem, but... Clearly this item was packed by their own shipping department, and not the manufacturer. I called the customer service number and no one answers. Yes I called during their business hours. This is very annoying.
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You might let larry (forum administrator) know. He has been able to help out before in situations like this. Spirit is the main sponsor here and he has an in with them. Supposedly they are all about customer service so maybe he can help fix the issue.

Still doesn't excuse the problem though.
Post on there facebook page. They get back you very quick on there.
Hi Jdub and Sleeper! I'll try both Larry and their FB page. Thank you for the help with this. So far my other ideas haven't helped. I do appreciat everyone's help
I agree with what has been suggested. Spirit Halloween is great with Customer Service from all of my experiences in the past. I'm guessing this was an online purchase since most of the stores aren't open yet? The local stores should be setting up currently, might have to swing by one and see if you can talk to the Mgr?
Hi eVil, yes I got this online. I might exchange this item when the stores open around here. Unless I get this resolved before then :)
I do appreciate everyone's advice :)
Did you get in contact with anyone yet? if so whats the status?
Hi Sleeper! I have sent a few emails and even the online contact form. I haven't received a response yet. But thanks for asking :)
Yay, I contacted Darren from Spirit Halloween today. He completely resolved the issue. Thank you Darren and thank you Logan for the help!!
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And, thank you to everyone who helped with suggestions!!
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