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Spirit halloween sent me a pile of crap for christmas

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My wife purchased online during December from Spirit website a Barnyard Butcher full price, and they sent a pile of used crap with brokenparts, no instructions, no packing, power cord not wrapped or in any type of box - obviously used at one of their shops and dumped on a family at Christmas.

My wife bought this with paypal so she will hopefully be somewhat protected. What really sucks is that there is an invoice in the box so they knew this was damaged and used.

I realize they are a sponsor here, so I am curious how this post will be received. This was not some purchase done Nov 1st at the store but done December 3rd when they offered "free shipping" on new merchandise and was a Christmas gift. Their website says to return something I must submit the order number and it must be 9 digits, I have two order numbers, one 8 and one 10 so I am unable to do anything online. The receipt also says no returns after 14 days, hopefully paypal will see this differently.

all the packing that was in the box, or is this supposed to go on the arms, I have no idea
Hand Leg Room Photography Wood

Broken arm sheared off
Finger Technology

Another piece sheared off
Skin Plant Flesh
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That is great to hear! Thanks for the update.

Sounds like your wife is awesome!

Spirit Halloween has responded very quickly and they are sending out another Barnyard Butcher, thank you for your help Larry.

I should mention that I probably would not have responded to this so strongly had it not been a gift from my wife on Christmas. I am fortunate to have a wife who will buy me a Barnyard Butcher for Christmas and seeing her feel badly after going out of her way to surprise me with it really hurt. Today she went out to Screamers (our local Halloween shop) and picked me up an animated Zombie because she felt bad about what happened. How can you not be fortunate to have a wife like that.
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