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I have set up the HALLOWEEN DISPLAY for this year and I am having big problems with two of my props, one of which is ZOMBIE BAIT. This animated prop hangs in front of the Zombie Containment area. It has a dangling wire with a rectangular black box attached at the end. Let's call this black box an "audio jack receptacle". A speaker jack is inserted and its wiring travels all the way to the front of the display, to a "Try Me Button". This worked flawlessly last year, but won't work now.

When the speaker jack is FIRST inserted into the "audio jack receptacle" i.e. small black box dangling from the prop, Zombie Bait moves and carries on like he IS in front of a herd of hungry zombies. So---Zombie Bait does "work". I will provide a description of my set up.

A Try Me Button is connected to Gold Stranded Stereo Wiring---this wiring travels a distance of about 25 feet---links up to a piece of wiring about 3 feet long that has an audio jack at the end of it. The audio jack (or speaker jack) is inserted into the dangling black box on the prop. It immediately works, cycles through the movements and screeching. Then it just doesn't do a thing. It worked great last year once someone helped me and told me the Try Me Button needed to be attached to the prop with a speaker jack. There is no change from last year, I am talking about identical configuration. I have tried to do some troubleshooting on my own.

I spliced the wiring above the audio jack, cut and wired the Voice Box from Psycho. It worked great. I THINK the problem is somehow related to the prop's black box ["audio jack receptacle"]. I tried wiring directly from the Gold Stranded Speaker wiring to the black wiring attached to the black box. The GSW has red, white, and black strands, the other wiring from black box has red, white, and black strands. I wasn't clear about which strands to connect to each other. I ended up re-connecting the audio (or speaker) jack to its wiring.

I guess one major question is "How does one extend the length of a "Try Me Button" that has an "audio or speaker jack" at the end [goes to the animated prop].

Please advise me if possible. I am really struggling to get this animation running the way it should be! Thanks in advance for anyone's time in answering me about this!

I can upload a photo or a drawing (schematic) is necessary.

Thanks, LUV2HAUNT:confused:

ADDED NOTE: Does anyone know how I would go about replacing the rectangular black receptacle that holds the 8 mm plug? I apologize for the long post above. I really want to save this prop [Zombie Bait]. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this. LUV2HAUNT (Carole)
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