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spirit halloween items question??

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I dont have any experience with buying from spirit online, have only been to their stores when they go local. Theres alot of items I wish to buy but am in the "dont really have money right now" boat so if I could wait for these to pop up into the stores that would be a big help, I could just buy them in the store, especially since I like to see stuff in person.

Plus I really dont wanna miss out if I have to pre-order these or not. It just says new decor for 2009 and its not in online only. I just dont know enough if these will be hitting stores and if they are in limited quantitys. I really want em! Just cash strapped atm.

I am afraid some items are online only but cannot tell from their site the following pre-orders;

Sound Activated Life-Size Talking Flying Witch Prop in Decorations New Decor for 2009

Life-Size Animated Midnight Countess in Decorations New Decor for 2009

Animated Grinning Gertrude Witch in Decorations New Decor for 2009

Rising Witch in Cauldron in Decorations New Decor for 2009

Six-Foot Talking Head Shrinker Witch Prop with Light-Up Eyes in Decorations New Decor for 2009

Six-Foot Talking Witch Prop With Light-Up Eyes in Decorations New Decor for 2009
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Typical Ghoul Next Door
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By the time that the actual store locations open up, you'll still be able to order online as well - so check out the ones in your area, and if they don't have what you want, go to the website.

I doubt they would sell out of new-for-09 items. They may be available in limited quantities at the actual stores, but they should have good supplies for the website orders.

The stores start showing up mid to late September in my area...

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A lot of members had troubles last year with ordering with SpiritHalloween so I hope they are better this year. What was really troubling is that they could have purchased the items in the store but couldn't since they had ordered them and thought that they would receive what they ordered. Then later, some of the items were cancelled on their order so that they never were able to get them and they could have purchased them in the store earlier.

I take my chances and like to see them first before purchasing anything and only buy them in the store. Also, SpiritHalloween will normally send out a 25% off coupon via email too that you can use in the store, just sign up for their notifications.

Also, last year they had several items that they said were online only on their website, but they did turn up in the stores, so that isn't too reliable .
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