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This is a thread dedicated to both mine and your(s) prop idea/s! Specifically, for what Spirit Halloween can do in the coming years.
Some of these ideas might be some of yours, basically meaning they are similar. However, I tried to stay as original as I can be! Let's get some attention to this thread - maybe Spirit will take some of these down in the future?
(Fun Fact: I emailed my "The Butcher" idea and "Jack in the Box" idea last summer... goes to show, maybe?)

Here we go!

TD 7.5 Ft Escaped Experiment $499.99 - small mad scientist pulls back on large frankenstein monster w/ chains, monster thrusts forward, groans and roars

SVI 7 Ft Grim Gargoyle $449.99 - gigantic gargoyle, flaps wings (8 ft span), eyes & mouth light up, head turns, fog compatible

CCL 6 Ft Test Subject $399.99 - Being (alien, zombie, etc) thrashes around in capsule, lever for position of capsule

TD 6 Ft Zombie Feast $399.99 - Two zombies (one stands, one crouches); one holding arm, other holding leg. Limb eating motion w/ zombie noises.

SVI 5 Ft. Clown Car $399.99 - mini circus car w/ two clowns having frightful convos in it

PT 8 Ft Project 31 $349.99 - Unknown creature covered in large gown, contains tag labeled "31", turns side to side, arms flail, odd sounds, fog machine compatible, fog emits through holes in gown... holes reveal beast like features

PT 7.5 FT The Beast $349.99 - Large werewolf like being holds severed arm. Turns waist (similar to crouchy), growling noises, etc

SVI 6.5 Ft Horrific Host $349.99 - ringmaster, stands with saw, phrases, cutting action through magic box, box moves to resemble a person in there, screams and laughter

PT 7 Ft Underworld Fury $349.99 - alien like creature, similar stature to underworld clown, sways side to side, otherwordly noises, eyes glow, mouth moves

Don 6 Ft Jack in the Box - Krampus $349.99 - Jack in the box monster from krampus, mouth opens and closes, screen resemblance, background noises, sways side to side plus up and down.

TD 6.3 Ft Tommy the Terror $349.99 - Evil clown holds girl & pulls her in slowly as mouth gapes open to "eat her".

TD 7 Ft Disguised Darlene $299.99 - Girl sits low to ground, appears innocent, jumps up about 5 ft forward, mouth gapes open, spits steam

CCL 6.5 Ft Winged Vampire $299.99 - Vampire screeches & wings open up

PT 7 Ft Experiment Gone Wrong $299.99 - Mutant like being turns waist, groans, fog compatible (fog emits through tattered clothes)

CCL 6.6 Ft Closet Creeper $299.99 - ghoul pushes open closet doors in lunging motion

YJ 6.3 Ft Torture Table $289.99 - mad man on metallic textured torture table, buzzsaw spins to resemble cutting effect, head bops, sound effects

YJ 6.6 Ft Jason Voorhees Remastered $279.99 - voorhees w/ yellow + red mask version, interchangeable heads (bag head, mask head), slashes machete, turns waist, soundtrack plays

CCL 6 Ft Freddy Krueger $279.99 - lunges out w/ screen phrases

CCL 6.5 Ft Cornfield Terror $269.99 - scarecrow on stake jumps down, laughs, eyes glow white underneath burlap

CCL 5.5 Ft Speedy $269.99 - evil clown lunges forward about 4ft to resemble a "running" affect

WO 7 Ft Swamp Monster $269.99 - harvester remake, wears mossy clothing/grey robe, turns & talks, holds flickering lantern

PT 7 Ft Tribal Leader $269.99 - slim and tall voodoo man sways side to side and talks, holds staff that has a flame light on top, speaks phrases

YJ 6 Ft Zombie Spitter $259.99 - Zombie turns waist then spits water

YJ 6 Ft Mutant Spitter $259.99 - mutant creature, waist turns, spits water, green light emits from mouth

PT 7 Ft. Eyeless Jack $249.99 - like the creepypasta, towers/hunches over while turning waist & head, blue mask w/ souless black eyes, etc.

PT 6 Ft. Jeff $249.99 - like the creepypasta, waist turns side to side, knife stabbing motion & laughing

YJ 6 Ft Caged Zombie $249.99 - zombie in cage, bops head against crates, moans and groans

TD 6 Ft Frowny $249.99 - clown bends backwards all the way down to 4 Ft, laughs

CCL 6.9 Ft Zombie Outbreak Door $239.99 - caution door, zombie hands along rim that move, screams and groans, door jolts

SVI 4.5 Ft Gory Girls $239.99 - Two girls with a severed head between them while giggling/crazy phrases in “tug - of - war” motion.

SVI 4.5 Ft The Puppeteer $239.99 - ventr sits with evil puppet on lap, phrases from master, puppet lunges forward slightly

CCL 5.5 Ft The Nun $229.99 - from “The Conjuring”, looks down, head pops up revealing the face, conjuring sounds

CCL 5 Ft Evil Earl $229.99 - mad scientist turns side to side, lcd eyes contain "electric static" effect, laughs w/ phrases

TD 5.9 Ft Alien Giver $219.99 - Figure (man/woman) lays down, alien pops out through stomach w/ screams, head of person bops up and down

SVI 6 Ft Peeling Paul $219.99 - phrases, face peeling action

SVI 6 Ft Doctor Devil $209.99 - Phrases/lunging motion wielding a syringe

SVI 6 Ft Soul Grabber $209.99 - Lunging demon w/ phrases

CCL 3.5 Ft Ravenous Root Monster $209.99 - roots surround hidden pumpkin man, jumps up out of roots to about 5 ft.

CCL 5.9 Ft Crazed Man $209.99 - Lunges out fast w/ phrases, wields a hatchet, blood stains all over clothes etc. (inmate like appearance)

CCL 6 Ft Lunatic Lauren $209.99 - girl sits in weeping position at around 4 Ft, lifts head up quickly & pops all the way up to 5.5 ft. laughs maniacally

YJ 4.8 Ft Haystack Harry $199.99 - rusty like scarecrow kid sits on haystack, turns head and talks, holds bloody knife, kicks feet

TD 3.4 Ft. Giggles $199.99 - Clown "Rusty" revvs polka dot chainsaw & pops up

CCL 5.7 Ft. Ballistik Bono $199.99 - Dahlia/Jack Straw, but a clown

PT 6.3 Ft Zombie Chuckles $199.99 - in a zombie position slouched over, waist turns, zombie groans w/ clown nose "bonk" noises

YJ 5.5 Ft Zappy the Clown $199.99 - Thrashes & laughs

PT 5 Ft Samantha the Clown $199.99 - clown girl w/ phrases, head turns side to side with body, holds bag of bloody toys

CCL 5.5 Ft Hellish Haggard $199.99 - sitting to standing witch lunger

TD 5.5 Ft Ouija Girl $199.99 - Ouija board activation leads to coat rack monster like jumpscare.

TD 6 Ft Agitated Alien $199.99 - thrusts, twitches, attached to wall w/ chains, screams

CCL 5 Ft Bad Bunny $199.99 - bunnyman in a costume, jumps up like pennywise to around 5.7 ft.

TD 4 Ft Sinister Sebastian $199.99 - stands facing down, head pops up, arms pop up holding gory teddy bear, laughs

CCL 4.6 Ft Jumping Jade $199.99 - demonic girl lunges off of swing, similar motion to dahlia, holds onto to swin

CCL 5.5 Ft Coffin Creep $199.99 - skeletal being lifts up coffin door in fast motion, laughs, screams

CCL 5.5 Ft Demonic Dummy $199.99 - dummy puppet sits then lunges into standing position

PT 6 Ft Toxic Terror $199.99 - static zombie w/ moans and groans, glows in dark w/ 3D effect

CCL 4.5 Ft Evil Evelyn $199.99 - Creepy girl jumps off wall, similar to Hanging Hell Fiend, eyes glow white, vibrates

CCL 3.8 Ft Devilish Dollhouse $199.99 - doll lunges out of dollhouse, laughs demonically, evil doll disguised in w/ other dolls

TD 3.5 Ft Limb Feasting Werewolf $199.99 - werewolf man crouches and feasts on severed arm

CCL 2.7 Ft Nocturnal Nightmare $199.99 - rabid raccoon pops out of tree log, fog compatible

TD 4.5 Ft Blood Drinking Bonkers $189.99 - Has a bucket of "blood", head banging, arms move up & down w/ bucket of blood, laughing maniacally

TD 2.5 Ft Rusty Rina $189.99 - innocent doll in sitting position, mouth opens demonically, lunges up like lunging lily/pumpkin carver

CCL 3.5 Ft Terrible Trickster $189.99 - Clown sits on swing, head turns to reveal evil gruesome face, phrases, etc.

PA 4.5 Ft Conjoined Madness $189.99 - conjoined twins, creepy phrases and laughter

PT 5 Ft Shaking Susan $189.99 - vibrates/shakes w/ moans and groans

CCL 4.4 Ft Billy $189.99 - from “SAW” franchise, roams around on tricycle, screen phrases, moving mouth/turning head

CCL 5.5 Ft Malicious Maureen $179.99 - faces away, waist snaps around to reveal gruesome possessed face, shakes

YJ 5 Ft Brew Bait $179.99 - Bloody bag of Jokes remake, but a witch w/ phrases & similar motion

CCL 4 Ft Hazard Barrel $179.99 - Mutant being pops up out of fog compatible hazardous waste barrel.

CCL 2.5 Ft Terrifying Toy Chest $179.99 - Evil doll/clown pops out of rusty old toy chest.

CCL 3 Ft Cauldron Corpse $179.99 - corpse pops out of cauldron, fog compatible

TD 4.5 Ft Interrogated Inmate $169.99 - inmate man thrashes back and forth in a chair, head twitches, screams & laugh

YJ 3.2 Ft Brandon $169.99 - creepy little boy sits on branch (wall mount) and talks, feet kicks

CCL 6 Ft Hanging Maniacal Man $169.99 - twitches, feet kick, laughs and screams, hangs up

TD 2.5 Ft Limb Eating Leila $169.99 - Limb Eating Zombie girl

CCL 4.2 Ft Ratty Rosie $169.99 - little girl holds rat that squirms, phrases & laughter

TD 4 Ft Frightful Frannie $169.99 - little girls faces away, face snaps around to reveal demonic side, laughs

CCL 3.5 Ft Tied Up Tim $169.99 - Tied up zombie thrusts around in attempt to break free

CCL 4.5 Ft Broken Becky $169.99 - backbreaking position, head turns, phrases/laughs, roams

YJ 3 Ft Hell’s Half $159.99 - half lady freak on swing, phrases, torso movement

PT 4.5 Ft Roaming Kayako $149.99 - from “The Grudge”, roams around

CCL 2.5 Ft Possessed Pauleen $139.99 - ceiling/wall mount, head turns around slowly, laughs demonically

TD 2.5 Ft Grave Splitter $129.99 - gravestone splits revealing skeletal corpse, screams, eyes glow

TD 15 in Haunted Computer $89.99 - Activated by keyboard/head pushes through computer screen

EDITED 9/16/2020

Let me see your ideas throughout this thread!

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Ok, so they haven't been made yet. I think the prices might be a little steep, but I guess that would depend on the quality. Do you have any sketches?
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