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I've started compiling a list of animatronics that I think will return in store for 2021.

New for 2021:
Beetlejuice - this was meant for release in 2020, but was cancelled. Most stores got the price point tag.

Props that will most likely return:
Harvester of Souls
Uncle Charlie
Peek-a-Boo Clown
Black Jumping Spider
Sitting Scarecrow
Man's Possessed Friend - Spirit's been selling him in store for the past three years consecutively now.

Props that will return since they sold out online:
Freight in the Box
The Hauntress
Punctured Pete

Props that may or may not return in store:
Sewer Varmint
The Butcher
Ellie Hatchet
Miss Mercy
Twisted Tina
Red and Black Jumping Spider
Miserable Marie
Little Daisy and the Maestro - This prop is underrated and neither my store nor any of the stores around me got them in.

Props that will not return in store:
Mommy's Favorite
Johnny Punk
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