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Spirit Ghost Girl

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REPAIR HELP ! Spirit Ghost Girl

First I want to say that once again this Forum is such a COOL place filled with so many awesome folks I can not tell you. Case in point my new friend lisa48317 decided she did not want the Ghost Girl a neighbor gave her so I asked if I paid shipping could I have it. She agreed but warned me she was not sure it worked.

Well I got it today and it does seem to have one issue, it does not extend to full height and as such the head will not push/pull back. I was wondering if any of you wonderful folks have one of these and can confirm the head is PUSHED up from below the chin ? Also what is the FULL height supposed to be ?

Thanks in advance and for everybody else here is a link to the prop in question : http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/gm-ghost-girl/
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bump ! In addition has anybody had any luck getting TECH help from the SPIRIT folks ? If so is there a fast way without the web site, they do not even have that category on the e-mail option . Thanks in advance.
Did you get any help from Spirit on fixing her? That sucks if they don't have some sort of tech support. Can you sit her on a table or something so she can look down at people (and not hit anyone with her flailing arms)?
Thanks for asking. No help from Spirit. I did a little "surgery " and opened her up form the back. I think the issue may be the drive that raises her up. I am afraid that if it was run without the "safety key" removed it may have still tried to rise and it may have damaged the mechanism. I am not worried. I have propped her head up with some foam material and will place her in a back hallway blocking access to our bedroom. It looks VERY cool in the dark. After Halloween I will try and sweet talk Spirit into giving me some schematics or at least some idea as to the issue. It is still the coolest prop I have beside my flying crank ghost and thanks to the horrible weather I will NOT be able to have that outside. Thanks again for letting me have her YOU ROCK !
ghost girl fix

Hi I just got a ghost girl from a garage sale and had the same problem, would not rise up all the way. I opened it up and found a screw about half way up the body that had a sting attached. I extended the body to the level it was going to and turned off the power then I pulled the head upright, undid the screw and wound the string around it to take up the slack so the string was tight. This solved the problem. Until I went to plug it in again and I noticed that the power for ghost girl was 9V and the plug that came with her was 6V. So I found an old 9V plug, undid what I had done with the string started it up and it went to the full height and the head when back. Also there were some new white lights that went on at the base that I didn't even know were there. So check if your plug is 9V output.
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