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Spirit - Evil Jester

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I am looking for a Spirit Evil Jester Prop that stands aout 9' tall. It is sold online but Spirit is sold out. Any assistance would be appreciated
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If you have a Spirit store near you I'd suggest calling or stopping in and seeing if they can get it for you. I saw a post from a couple people I think who said that similar things happened to them and the stores were nice enough to find one and call them when it got shipped to that location. Spirit seems very helpful in making your halloween.
Halloween USA near where I work currently has one, standing just inside the door as you enter. Nice looking prop, huge. For whatever reason, there is no Spirit store here this year. Really disappointing. But you may want to try Halloween USA as the one near me has the evil jester, same price as Spirit $300.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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