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Hello! We were able to obtain the Spirit Halloween Barn display (just Barn and wheelbarrow) from our local store last year. Hubby swears it had directions with it, but lo and behold there are none in the basement! I have seen a video Spirit posted with the barn in it, but I think we bought the other side that is not shown in the video.

Does anyone have any pictures or can anyone tell me how to assemble it? I am going to try to fiddle with the pieces tonight, because tomorrow Hubby will want to put it together and want my help...which probably will lead to me calling a divorce lawyer!!! :D

Any ideas are appreciated! We are hoping to place Demonica (not working, of course) and the jumping spider in there at least. Thanks!!

His name is Roger Clyne
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Oh gawd....I'm having video store clerkin' flashbacks!! I used to put together those standee things like you'd see in the movie lobby only they were downsized for vid stores. We'd get a couple a week & oh the horror of some of them....**shuddersattheThrowMommaFromTheTrainone** I can still hear that stupid thing saying "OWEN!!" Most of the time the directions helped but sometimes it was like putting together crap from Ikea, just like it was in a different language & missing parts.

I think it's one reason I've never wanted the displays from Spirit. Oh I like 'em but I spent 12 years wrestling with those cardboard basstids, I don't wanna do it ever again.

I hope you find directions or pics & lotsa luck, I feel your pain!!
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