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Hey Folks,
I'm going to an epic Halloween house party and bringing Rumple Minze and peppermint ice cream to make my famously potent shakes. I'm also thinking of bringing some good old vanilla ice cream and maybe making pumpkin flavored shakes.

Anyone else have a great recipe for a spiked shake? Post up!


PS Thinking of starting out with just the Rumple Minze so I'll have an excuse for a trip to Walmart in costume.

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These "cauldron coolers" from Pinterest look really good! They aren't alcoholic but you could add some of the berry infused vodka's that are out there.

My Hubster loves the Cruzan brand of Black Cherry Rum - you could easily make a shake with chocolate or vanilla ice cream with that.

The below link has a variety of Halloween-themed drinks. Most could probably turn into some kind of shake if you wanted.

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