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spider web material stuff

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Im trying to do a giant spider scene on my lawn this yr. I used a bag of strechy webbing but its just not doing it for me. Ive seen some kind of white material used as webbing, it was stretched out with big holes in it.. almost looked like panty hose. Can someone please tell me what its called and where I can find it?
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Thank you :) I was hoping there was a store that sold it. I dont think theres enough time to order it. oh well theres always next yr
I ordered some and had it within a week of placing my order. I just made sure to send my check out the same day I ordered it. I emailed and an hour later they had contacted me back with a price. They were very nice to work with and the 5# roll is HUGE!
I just noticed that place is in Tennessee!! I bet I could get it pretty quickly

Heavymetalmama.. can you give me an idea of how much space the 5# roll covered?? Also is it reusable?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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