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This is Part Two of Two
Part One is located : http://www.halloweenforum.com/tutorials-step-step/76152-spider-victim-part-one.html

Skinning or “Dressing” the Spider Victim Mechanism.
( by Cylonfrogqueen )

1” chicken wire
hanger brackets –I-screws - I used L- shaped bracket
ZIP TIES – assorted sizes white and black.
Quilter’s batting
spider webs. ( I prefer the cheapo ones for this)
2 gallon plastic rectangular water container if you want to build a cover for the post
section. and hot glue.
Blucky legs – arms – feet.
Darkness (or low light) is a haunter’s best friend.

Well, I don’t have many pics of the process, because it was learn as you go.
I was taking pictures to document this, because nobody that has done this before, everhas documented “this” part. Or at least none of the ones we found.
Now I know why.The first problem I ran into was that I am female. I was trying to make the chicken wireskin “pretty” and ‘amazing” looking for a tutorial. Impress people with my chicken wire wrapping abilities. There is no wrapping chicken wire "pretty".
So once I overcame that problem and started thinking more like a person with tools and a roll of chicken wire, instead of Martha “Decorator Stewart” . Things got easier.
And ofcourse no pictures were taken. Second problem. Still trying to make it all harder than what it really is. Final realization: you just have to put it together and that each person will find their own technique.

Okay- THINK 3 sections of chicken wire attached to the 3 sections of the build. Although, the female in me, worried about the massager section with the post sticking
up. My concerned that during storage, or just general handling, the chicken wire might get smashed or caught by the post or chain. So the “female” had created a cover to go over the post/ chain assembly. I don’t know if that is necessary. But I felt better about it. I used a squared 2-gallon plastic spring water container cut like a bridge and hot glued it over the machine. Then when wrapping the chicken wire – I punched couple holes in the corner and zip tied the wire to the plastic lid.

Image of plastic top cover , chicken wire and some batting that wasn't necessary yet.

I install hangers of L brackets to the handles of the machine.
One on each of the top corners I wanted the victim to hang from.
I do not have photo of this . You could use I-screws, Just make sure you do not screw anything into the machine motor area.
****Tip to hanging, is that you want your victim on its side but facing upward. If it hung completely on its side, you won’t get the motion of a good return. To the L brackets I attached chain.
I wrapped quitting batting around all three sections. Your chicken wire
sections will have a space( gap) between each section that you allowed for
the movement , but when you wrap with batting you will not notice .

On the lower section I attached to the chicken wire/batting, a set of blucky legs (plastic blow mold skeleton) using zip ties through the batting and chicken wire around legs. The top head and arms were part of the cannibalized hanging mummy.
Photo of entire sections wrapped in batting and plastic leg sections attached. a little lower than what is in the final video.

I wrapped the upper section in batting however; the arms are wired and poseable. I did wrap the arms in chicken wire separately so that I will be able to pose them differently, if I want to do that next year. And personally I like the definition, instead of the victim looking completely like a mummy. You could create this arm definition by forming chicken wire or even using the arm segments of a blucky. I posed the arms and attached them to the upper body loosely using zip ties.
I was left looking at a big white mummy looking blob. ( You can see that in upper photo)
Wanting to define the victim a little more, I decided to grab a can of black spray paint and began to darken the area between the legs and pattern out roughly ribs and under the arms. I wish I had thought a little more before spraying – but it looks okay. The final step is to take spider webbing and begin to wrap your victim. I like using the cheapo spider webbing for things like this. It is not as thick as the more expensive stuff, although harder to work with if you are trying to do a room or wall. But the cheap stuff is good for things such as this. For lack of somewhere to hang my victim – I grabbed my “swing set” and took the swing off it, and used the support system. I only had one bag of spider webbing available and tried to incorporate some webbing around the support system to give everyone an idea of how the finish product will look.
If we were setting up the display for our haunt – ofcourse, Hamm and I would take more time and utilized a lot more webbing, big spiders and proper lighting.

Again. We did a “flashlight” film. But it looks creepy enough. And you get the
picture. After all it is February and our neighbors are wondering why we have a body in spider webs in the back yard already!

The mummy head with the red LED’s I thought would look great. However, now everything is together, is a bit much. I will work on making them “glow” more
than light up. But pretty much that is it.

My other “female” concerns I was trying to “decorate” around, before I knew what I
was doing- was How was I gonna turn on and off if the switch is inside on the massager.
And my mummy head has a battery compartment that I needed to be able to reach.
Well - you can turn it on and off from the inside if you have to. The gap between the
Sections will allow you to reach in. You just have to re-arrange the batting once you have done this. Or, put your own lamp switch in so that you on off is on the outside of the victim or turn it on and just unplug it and plug it to switch it off and on. Several
possibilities. My battery compartment, I just made sure there was enough area between
the chicken wire and the compartment opened. Then just tucked loose batting around the
neck area to cover. When you set up you will spider web a little over these areas to be blending in anyway.

I know some of this is kind of lame to those that have done builds like this before, but
for those that have never attempted this kind of stuff- I want to encourage them to do
this. A lot of these things are hit and miss and there is no exact science or measurement
someone can give you. Just play around with it and see what works best.
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