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Spider Skeleton

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For the life of me I can't find the post someone made recently inquiring about a skeleton spider that would go with the current Crazy Bonez animals (dogs, cat, bird) so am starting this thread. Kind of late in the buying season to post this but if not for this year maybe it will help someone out for next.

This is a 12-inch skeleton spider I bought I think from Spirit Halloween a few years back. It's made by Fun World. Comes with a black hanging cord and what I liked about it is the legs are pretty poseable as shown in the photos below. And it stores fairly compact.

In case you can't make out the tag that was on it, it's Item 8416. It doesn't seem to be in their current catalog any longer but might still be in various stores.

Fun World has an interesting website: http://www.fun-world.net/halloween.html . Sure you will recognize a lot of the products in the catalog from your various store visits.
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American Sales has it in stock still and it's on sale for 7.99. Here's a link:


This could be one of those items that you saw all over the place and when you are finally in need of it, it's gone from the scene. Since they aren't any longer in the catalog I suspect that will be the case at some point.
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