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Spider Lady from Grandin Road

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I love the Spider Lady but I just don't need her anymore. She's very pretty, that clear side of her face lights up & she works. I added a ton of spiders to her because she only came with a few spiders. She also has the same weird hard plastic hands that Helsa has.

Same as the Shrinker Witch I posted, I'm asking $30+ UPS shipping (she weighs between 10-11 lbs., same as the witch, & I ship from work so it's a bit cheaper).

I've added a few little things to this box too but they don't add any weight. If you PM me your address I can tell you what the total would be. I'd prefer Paypal but we can work it out. She's all boxed up but won't get out this weekend due some current & impending snow/sleet/ice/freezing rain that's coming down.

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what is total to go to 40509 lexington ky? thanks
$14 to Lexington, KY.

I had to put in an address for UPS so I just googled a house in Zillow & got sucked into how much cheaper some places are than they are here.
Hello I sent PM regarding PA shipping! Thanks
I haven't forgotten you folks! I've been trying to work through some tax stuff for my fire department auxiliary so I've been busy.

Ferguc doesn't want it, so whoever is next in line is up at bat! Scareme?
if this is still up for grabs I would love to buy her if no one eles above me did
She is gone. I meant to post that in this thread. She's sitting at my desk here at work waiting to be picked up!
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Hi friend,

I have been looking for Spider Lady and I came across your Spider Lady hear on 385 Days of Halloween knowing my luck it already gone, but I was wondering if you would know where I could get one for my daughter as we love Halloween very much.

I find this sit hear not friendly as I find it very hard working things out on it, but if it isn’t sold, I will buy it off you and add it to our collection.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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