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Spider / Insect hands / claws help needed

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I need ideas on how to make hands for this guy. He's a "human" exterminator. I already bought some fake fur and he'll be carring his bug spray.

El Pitchfork.
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try spraying some great stuff into some latex gloves be sure to put petroleum jelly in the glove so you can remove the hands, carve the hands I would recommend suing a black nail polish for the fingers anad use the same color scheme as you did the face, make sure to coat it with latex paint before you use nail polish though acetone will desolve the foam.
You could always use some of the fur covered wire legs off a spider to make them. Like the ones on his back. Love the idea!
Just happened to run across these a few minutes ago and your exterminator immediately jumped to mind. A repaint and some hair glued on could be the ticket...

Thanks for the suggestions.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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