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spider\, insect hallway sounds needed help

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Hello all,

Just did a search and found a thread from 2005 but the link is dead for the sound file. Does anyone have a sound effect that would work with our hallway full of spiders? We are looking for something that sounds like the hurry scurry little feet of insects that gives someone the chills lol.

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I'll have to look but I know I have something
here's the sound I came up with sorry it took so long Creepy Crawly (Boris) L-R (spyder sfx) by DJ Twiztid J http://soundcloud.com/djtwiztidj/creepy-crawly-boris-spyder if you can put one speaker at one end the other at the other end it should sound like their crawling up and down the hall hope it's what you wanted it can also be looped
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I can change it add more of what you like or take out what you don't let me know I can make it longer or shorter if you want
no problem let me know if there's anything else you need
if I don't I can construct it what you thinking screams mad laughter
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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