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spider\, insect hallway sounds needed help

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Hello all,

Just did a search and found a thread from 2005 but the link is dead for the sound file. Does anyone have a sound effect that would work with our hallway full of spiders? We are looking for something that sounds like the hurry scurry little feet of insects that gives someone the chills lol.

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Surely someone has something?
Thank you

We are furiously working on the setup,, sound is needed lol
Gee these are great I will try them out and get back to you guys. We sure appreciate it .

Thanks for the sound fx Joseph. Here is the finished product

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Thanks again to all those with suggestions and especially Joseph
Hmm you don't have a insane asylum fx do you?
Ohh the first one sounds good. I will see if I get time to make it an mp3. Happy Halloween btw as it is the 31st here today for us. Tomorrow is our party. Here is a vid of our toilet lol "Asylum scene" There are pictures of Colney Hatch all over the walls,, quite disturbing. My Mrs especially likes the first vid you put up.


1 - 8 of 18 Posts
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