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Spider Bathroom Sound Effect Ideas??

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Hey, I was wondering if any of you can offer any suggestions. I am going to do a spider bathroom for my Halloween party. I saw the idea on here (thanks).:D

I will be hanging spider nests from my bathroom ceiling with a bunch of spiders around. I was thinking of wrapping an old skeleton that I have here to be the spiders prey. I am also hanging green cheesecloth around to kind of look like a jungle. I would like to put a small player in there and have spooky sounds to go with the setting...any ideas on what kind of sounds/music I should have playing in the background? I was thinking maybe jungle type music, would love to have insect types of sounds but am unsure where to find that. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. :)

On a quick note, I am putting coloured bulbs in that room also, was thinking green...will green be the right colour? Any thoughts...
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When I think of a room full of spiders I imagine lots of staccato scratching and skittering sounds. Maybe a very high pitched short squeak on occasion.

The skittering would be very effective is played back and fourth between stereo speakers as if they are moving around unseen.
That sounds perfect Yubney, only problem is I can't find anything. I've been Googling for about a half hour and the majority of the 'spider' sounds I am coming across sound like a space ship...lol (!?) :confused:
Ooh! I'm doing exactly this as well Boobaby!

I have a small bathroom in my condo, and I'm putting up Spider webs everywhere. I have a giant Spider which I will put on a big spider web, with a skeleton wrapped up as prey. I'm using a red bulb instead though. I was hoping to find some creepy sound effects as well. If anyone finds anything, that'd be awesome!!!
That sounds perfect Yubney, only problem is I can't find anything. I've been Googling for about a half hour and the majority of the 'spider' sounds I am coming across sound like a space ship...lol (!?) :confused:
Make your own? If you have a mic use Windows Sound Recorder. Just wrustle and tap your nails over someting hard, and if you can find some kind of squeeky toy half squeez it in the background further from the mic.?

I take it you will be playing it as an MP3 from something like an Ipod?
I would also suggest a child singing (very creepy, not cutesy) the "itsy bitsy spider song" in a ghostly way. (far off sounding, slow pace, fade in and out ).

Love the idea of the skittering. I would find some sound effects either online or by cd, and if you don't READ the descriptions and just listen, you may find something that sounds like it COULD be spiders even though it's something completely different ... it's all about the power of suggestion. You're going to have spiders all over the place, it's going to be cobwebby and the sound will make them think "spider" even if it's "fluttering of bat wings" or whatever. ;)
my hall bath is going to be spiders and bats. I have the Walgreen's hanging bat that will hang in the door of the large glass door shower and reflect in the big mirror. I have lots of webs and spiders, too. I am also looking. Hopefully one of us will find something.
Sorry to double post! I grabbed the audio from the video above. Only problem is, you can hear the little girls jaw moving (the electronics). I think it kind of sounds like spiders, and with the volume low (Which I am planning) it will probably not be very noticeable.

The file is too large to upload to the forum attachment here. I need to find a free file share website. Once I do I'll post a link for you all.

Edit: Here's the link. Says it will be available to download in a couple of minutes. Please let me know if this link goes down, and I can e-mail you the file if you want it! Enjoy :)

Download Itsy-bitsy Spider.mp3

I realize that this may not be the best site to host it on, but I don't know any other free, don't have to log into, file share sites. If you know of a better one, let me know and I can put it up there!
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I 2nd the "itsy-bitsy spider" song. In the right setting that song can be very eerie!
Here is a sound of a spider posted at this link.
Search audio | Soundsnap

I did spiders last year and have a couple very small soundbites. I checked out google and typed in spider sounds. Then arachnids and crickets. You can add a cacooned rat and then add mouse squeeks to add more variety.
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