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Speaking of creepy...

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I just had to post this. I killed this sucker in my back yard a few hours ago. I spotted it hanging out under one of our windows. This is the biggest one I've ever seen. It's body was the size of a nickel, and from it of leg to tip of leg was easily two inches. I've killed a number if these over the past couple of years, but none even half this size. I didn't even know they got this big. I don't think I need to tell you what kind of spider this is.
Wall Water Insect Pest Floor
Black widow Spider Widow spider Antler Horn

Spider Black widow Invertebrate Widow spider Tarantula
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Red hourglass shape makes that a female Black Widow. You might want to call in a pro to exterminate them.
They are so creepily beautiful. That one is large enough to hurt a child if bitten and make an adult sick. Is definitely spray around my house.
I used to get those all the time around my house until I found this baddass spray that they hate. That guy looks like a beast though.
When a couple came home motored up the garage door, something reflected back from their head lights from the back of the garage, it was the eyes of a very large spider! They sold the house in Arkansas and moved back to Illinois.
I miss my pet black widows...
i've heard that "demon" is a good spider spray ... dry pack mixes with water and just spray around your house and it'll keep them away

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