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Hi all, it's Rotcorp again. Has anyone seen these skeletons we found locally a few years ago but don't see anymore?

They're plain, 60" tall, plastic animated skeletons you plug into any standard audio jack (iPod, smartphone, computer etc.), so the eyes light up and the jaw moves to any music / sound. Here's 2 we dressed as pirates to make free YouTube e-cards:

We'd like to sell these two pirates, but ONLY if we can buy more of these skeletons to dress / build into other Hallowe'en characters. Any idea where to find them? And also, types of characters you'd like to see us build with them? Zombie, pirate, etc.

Thanks as always for the great ideas. Been really busy, little time to build props this year. Some coming soon, most likely on eBay, not sure yet. Who knows, may even sell these two swashbucklers? Starting the how-to on building a corpse finally this year. Hope to make more creepy stuff you'll all enjoy soon. Happy haunting!

(FYI the old thread about prop-making ideas is here:
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