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sound in a prop

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i have been bilding stuff for a wile now.
and i want to put sound in a few of my props.
im not very good with wireing.
so what is the easyest way to put sound in a prop?

and were can i get the sounds from?
is there a web sight?
or do you just record your own voice?
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Just finished adding sound to a prop today. I got the idea for it from the Wolfstone site, here's a link for hacking a cheap little scream box and adding amped speakers. LOTS of ideas on this one, just browse around a bit. Scream Box
The CAR/P 300 board is absulutely the cheapest and easiest to use.
Cowlacious Audio Products
You can use Audacity, freeware recording software found on the Internet, to record sounds.
Go to Stock Music | Sound Effects | Free Sound Effects. Most of the best sounds there are not free, but, if you record from audicity while play the sounds on audiomicro, you will have them. Save them to MP3 or WAV and upload them to the CAR/p 300.

I use the Flex ECT motion detector to trigger my props and the CAR/P 300 sound board.
Flex ECT

It all works great.
My Sound module can play 10 sounds each with their own trigger switch. It plays at sampling rates up to 20k and has a built in amplifier.
You can see samples of its capabilities here
YouTube - replicaprops's Channel

You can order one for $49.99
Replica Prop Sound Board Model 1M [sound1] - $49.99 : Replica Props, Officially Licensed Smallville Prop Replicas
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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