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Sorry for the long delay!

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I keep forgetting to post my Halloween pics on the forum. Here they are!

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password is : asheskitty

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I like that one in the garage is that store bought or homemade?and if homemade what are you using to stiffing the cloth like that looks to thin to be monster mud.is it lots of starch?

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Thanks everyone!
I'm suprised that everyone likes the lighting. Ti be quite honest, I was disapointed. Hopefully I will be able to get more spot lights on sale after the holidays.

Scatterbrains : I created the head thanks to Spooky Blue's Pumkin Rot. If you visit Spookyblue - Dogs, Cats, Halloween Haunts & Other Things of Varying Degrees of Interest you will get all the details you need.

[email protected] : Unfrutunately, "skully" was a store bought prop I've had for 3 years now.

a witch from canada : I got the owl at Winners. Her's a daylight shot.

Thanks again everyone!

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very nice set up. i think your lighting was very nice as well, really added to the haunt. that little pumpkin you had carved up was charming. can't wait to see what you do for next year with the lighting.

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Giant Reaper and Pumpkin Head...................A W E S O M E!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job
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