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I'm starting to make a singing pumpkin routine and am looking for songs

so far I have,

A bunch of songs from Halloweenbob (thanks)
this is halloween
Jonathan Coulton's "re you brains"
"99 death eaters" by draco and the malfoys
the monster mash

Typical Ghoul Next Door
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Stuff we're thinking of using for a singing tombstone:
(we're trying to get ones that you can hear the lyrics clearly, and have no profanity so it's kid safe, but still be a little off the beaten path musically)

Rock n Bones - Elroy Dietzel
Rockin' in the Graveyard - Jackie Morningstar
This Is Halloween - either Marilyn Manson or Panic! at the Disco version
Walk Like a Zombie - Horrorpops
Where Do Monsters Go? - Necromantix
Monster Movie Fan - Necromantix
She's My Witch - Kip Tyler
Howling at the Moon - The Ramones
No Headstone on my Grave - Jerry Lee Lewis
Rockin My Life Away - Jerry Lee Lewis
Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On - Jerry Lee Lewis
Black Cadillac - Joyce Green
Scream! - The Misfits

The Broomstick Train - poem recited by Vincent Price
(may do several short poems/ghost stories interspersed with the singing)

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I have a shorted LP record version of Bing's headless horseman that's been edited in Audacity. the vocals are really clear. another really easy to comprehend track thats strange yet familar to alot of people is Witchy Woman by the Eagles.

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I am working on this project too and finally picked my three songs.

The Specials.- Ghost Town
Ministry- Everyday is Halloween
Marylin Manson- This is Halloween

Now the fun part -- finishing my sequences in Vixen. (using a Kit74 with Vixen-- more than happy to share when I finish.)

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Mine is brand-new it only has 3 posts so far, but if you guys wanna join in and help me out I would love it! It is Creative Halloween Ideas Sorry this post was supposed to be under the one where she was looking for Halloween Blogs. That thread is now closed and my post somehow ended up over here.
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