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Full credit to Shel Parsons. I'm 99.9% positive this was it. I had made a previous post on here where I described details of it. Looks like it's called #109340 "Bloody Eye", part of the "Thrill Collection" from a 1995 catalog by RSS (Royal Specialty Sales) Vol. 56, which apparently was a Canadian distributor of Halloween decor back then. Since I'm in the US, there must've been an RSS equivalent company in the US, the finder believes it was/is American Mask & Novelty Co.

Does anyone recognize this vintage latex mask? Now that there is an actual photo and some additional details about it, maybe even someone still has one! I'm already blown away by the amount of information that someone was able to uncover about it. I thought it would be an impossible search. The finder couldn't uncover any information about the mask manufacturer itself, so they theorized it might've been an RSS exclusive to distribute. Thanks to everyone in my previous thread who attempted to aid in the search!


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