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This actually happened to me while I was working. Read it and tell me what you
think.....ESP or an angel whispering in my ear.

It was on a Friday. I would normally work from 7am-4pm. I lived in Danville
and worked in Bassett which was a 45 minute drive. I had been working
about a half hour when I suddenly started getting this feeling that I wanted
to go home at noon! As the morning wore on the feeling got stronger and
stronger.....go home at noon! Finally, around 11:30 I asked my boss if I
could leave at twelve, and he said there wasn't much work in the shop so
I could go. I left at 12, but the feeling still wouldn't go away!

At 4:30 pm a tornado ripped through the town of Axton doing tremendous
damage. Axton is between Danville and Bassett. It takes 25 minutes to drive
from Bassett to Axton....if I had worked till 4 pm I would've been in passing
through Axton when the tornado hit!

:) I don't know if it was esp or a guardian angel, but someone was watching
over me that day!

Pirate Princess
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I have a feeling it was ESP, you were drawn to leave before 4 you had a FEELING about it. You had a premonition I believe it 150%!!! Thank goodness for it. Glad you are OK
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