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Some Unknown Artists

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House of Krazees
All Hallows Eve

Both are kinda hard to find but they're worth it if you're into rap. House of Krazees is early Twiztid so it's kinda rare. However, "Season of the Pumpkin" is a great album if you're looking for dark halloween themed music. I always add the song "Sounds of Halloween" to my Halloween playlist. It's a beat with sound effects and just really sets the mood perfectly.

All Hallows Eve is an underground group and to my knowlege has only put out "The Field" available on their myspace. "The Field" is a full album of halloween themed songs, including the last track which is a rap-rendition of Edgar Allen Poe's the Raven. Personally, their rap is a little played and not too impressive, but I'm a sucker for anything Halloween. I'll listen to it even if it kinda sucks lol.

Twiztid always puts out really amazing music that can be used for halloween parties and such. This year I plan on making a playlist with some of their new songs from their W.I.C.K.E.D. album (Wish I could Kill Every Day) Including "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha" which has an awesome sound effect track at the end leading into the next song of "Death Note." "Krossroads Inn" is another great track that sets a spooky ghost story mood.

Other Twiztid tracks I love playing for Halloween get togethers include
Transformation of a New Civilization
Toxic Terror
The Sickness
The Entity
Rock the Dead

As with everything Psychopathic Records, there's cussing in it and rap about violence. If you have small children, it's not advised to play this around them unless you're okay with it. Just a warning to anyone who's never heard of them :)