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Some tombstones

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First try making tombstones, they came out pretty decent I think. I would use the better quality foam rather than the one made of all the little beads if I were to do it over.

Blue Electric blue Darkness Screenshot
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Love the damage on them (especially poor Ben Jamn).
well done ... they look amazing!

They look really good! Great job! I also like how you did the "decay".

Welcome to Halloween Forum! :)
They look great! Nice work!
They look excellent. Like they've been out there for a long time. One of these days I'm going to make some of my own.
Great work. I'll be posting a picture of my first try tombstones when I'm finished the paint job on the second one. Well done
Beaded worked ok, but the mess.... oh god the mess... Also the beaded foam comes with a shiny thin metallic back film which you have to remove before painting. It was dirt cheap, but cost me in time cleaning up / prepping.

Thanks for the compliment all. If you haven't tried making tombstones for some reason I highly encourage it, it uses very simple techniques.
Well done~the weathering is terrific!
Very nice work! And I love the blue lighting on the scene. :)
How did you do the lighting? Very Nice!
Blue lighting is really simple. Couple of clamp lights on the ground with a blue florescent spiral bulb.


I didn't do anything to hide them so they stuck out some, the camera just doesn't show that. I would throw a white bulb into the mix to pop out some detail as well, having all blue kind of washes it out.
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