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Hello everyone! I finally decided to post some props I made when I was finishing my Fine Arts degree. I always liked cryptozoology, cabinets of curiosities, oddities, freak shows...and for my final project I used those concepts 馃榿
So I organized an exhibition about Edward Blackmund, a 19th century english explorer and cryptozoologist who defied the Natural Sciensce Academy of London, tired of being treated as a mad man for his beliefs. He spent most of his life traveling the world in order of find strange creatures to demonstrate he was right. Unfortunately, all his specimens, taxidermies, diaries....went missing as himself. BUT, in an old scottish abandoned warehouse someone discovered an old set of chests and trunks, full of...strange things. Specimens, taxidermy, old pictures....and a diary who tells the story of Edward Blackmund.

Text Notebook Paper Book Handwriting
Tree Trunk Black-and-white Monochrome Wood
kangaroo Macropodidae Kangaroo Cat Wallaby
Photograph Black Black-and-white Monochrome Font

Of course, that was a fake story created by me, and the perfect excuse to make some creepy creatures and "things in a jar" 馃榿

Snails and slugs Snail Lymnaeidae Sea snail Molluscs
Sea snail Snails and slugs Figurine Carving Molluscs
Snout Fawn Ear
Pink Domestic pig Snout Suidae Fawn
Sculpture Art

Those are fake taxidermies, made out of silicone, eyes painted by me and hand-punched hair.

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And those are the specimens in jars, made of sculpey, floating in colored distilled water, jar sealed with wax.

Mason jar Glass bottle Glass Pint Bottle
Food Mason jar Drink Glass Cuisine
Food Glass Cuisine

I hope that you will liked it, or maybe it will inspire some creepy freak show display 馃構
I'll post for sure more things in the future in other threads. I have some creepy Tooth Fairy made of sculpey, gorey props like eyes and ears, lovecraftnian tools....yeah, I just love to do creepy weird things lol 馃榿

Have a nice day, see you!

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Ok - yuck, wow, gross, I'm intrigued, but also disgusted....these are wonderful! I can only imagine how long hand-punching that hair took.... love the backstory you created, too! Was the project something you did as part of the degree, or just something you worked on for fun?
Hey! Sorry it took me so long to reply! Yes, it took too many long time to punch all the hair, at the end I was like....Hell I want to finish already hahaha 馃槄馃槀 Thank you for your kind words, it was the final project of the deegre. I was in the "drawing" branch of Fine Arts deegre, but I decided to not only do a drawing project but to add some sculpture to it. But it was also a fun project to do, since it was not the usual kind of project you would see in the deegre. 馃構
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