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Some props, for you all

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Hi everyone. I joined the forums a while ago, but have been a lurker since. (As some of you may remember, I'm the 14 year old.) However, I have been hard at work in the garage, and I thought I’d show you all some of the props I’ve made. Please tell me what you all think! I am interested in your feedback!

Groundbreaker Coffin

GroundBreaker - a set on Flickr

Bird Girl, built loosely from the tutorial on www.theghostess.com

Bird Girl - a set on Flickr

A few of the many tombstones I’ve made using Terra’s wonderful tutorial

Misc. Tombstones - a set on Flickr

And, finally, my version of the beloved tombstone, built with Terra’s amazing tutorial (I forgot to insert the hands when I took this picture- oops)

Beloved - a set on Flickr

Thank you everyone for the great ideas and tutorials. For now on, I’ll be a more active participant. Thank you all!
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Mill Creek Haunted Hollow
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Good, young padawan. Let the holiday flow through you!

Powerful, you are, with all Hallow's Eve.

Honestly, you are doing some excellent work!! I like the addition of the moss on your groundbreaker to mask the edge, very smart!


Blaberus craniifer
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WOW! Very nice work. I hope my kids will be making stuff like that when they're 14. Save me a lot of time building props. :p At the rate you're going can't wait to see how much more you have built by Halloween.
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