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some of my static figures

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I thought I would post a few of the guys I have built in the past years. I have not got started yet for this year. I am still in the planning mode but we hope to get started this weekend! I know I want to build a static scarecrow for my front yard and hopefully some moving props for our garage haunt. Here is what I have created in the past.

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Michael Myers and the Reaper were the first PVC figures I built back in 2005. The Reaper is shown sitting in a chair however he was made to hang from the rafters of my garage or hung from a tree with fishing wire. I am very partial to these 2 since they were my first creations and still have them and use them in my haunt or yard display ever year.

Next is my doctor which I used in my hospital scene in 2006. He stood behind a large gurney so his legs look a little slim but were not really seen. The following year I used his frame was used for the devil which is in the last picture. I had him standing at a podium at my entrance which is why his legs are not complete and he has no shoes.

We didn't build any figures last year as our time was used building larger props such as our morgue wall for our autopsy room and our head on a table for our Leather Face scene. Needless to say I am eager to make more this year. I just love these guys because they are so easy to do, so cheap and yet look so awesome in the right lighting.
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