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Some Halloween Things I No Longer Have Use For

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Spirit Halloween Zombie Barrel: Works Great but the thread used to tie the lid to the barrel has come undone so it needs new thread. Comes with original box ($125)
Gemmy Glowing Mummy: Works great but the plastic on the bottom of the torso shattered so I used duct tape to substitute and the clips to secure the top to the bottom went with the plastic. Comes with original box ($75)
Spirit Halloween Latex Tortured Torso: There is some latex damage on the neck but does not look so bad at night. ($100)
Spirit Halloween Nailed Down Corpse: Good overall condition with only some damage on the figures. There is also some glow in the dark paint that the previous owner put on around the eyes but it dried mostly clear. ($75)
Gemmy Donna The Dead: She does not sway for some reason and does have some stains on it but are not noticeable unless you look closely. ($75)
Creepy Caretaker: Works well but the tombstone is pretty damaged. ($40)
All prices do not include shipping. I will ship to the continental United States and Canada.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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